NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) — Newton Public Schools will soon get some major improvements after a storm damaged one of its buildings in 2021.

On Tuesday, Harvey County voters passed the $8.4 million school bond to renovate Lindley Hall and Santa Fe Center. Nearly 73% voted this year.

Newton Public Schools Superintendent Fred Van Ranken said the Board of Education will approve the sale of the bond at its next meeting.

Then, work will start as soon as possible.

Superintendent Van Ranken said he is grateful to the voters for helping get the kids back into a gym.

“Structural reinforcement with all of the walls around Lindley Hall but also around the Santa Fe Campus, the Santa Fe Campus that was not near as bad in terms of the damage obviously, and it wasn’t storm associated with damages. It was all maintenance associated or lack of maintenance over decades,” said Superintendent Van Ranken.

Currently, students take P.E. at the Newton Recreation Commission or a nearby park.

Superintendent Van Ranken hopes to have the renovations ready for next school year.