WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Inflation is taking a bite out of our wallets seemingly everywhere we look, and pet food is no exception.

For several years Table of Hope in Wichita has offered pet food to those in need. Each week they help 200 families feed their furry friends.

As pet food prices go up, their donations have been decreasing.

“You don’t get as much food for your money, and if you only have so much money to buy food, you just don’t get as much,” said Jackie Carter, Senior Pastor for Table of Hope. “WAAL, Wichita Animal Action League, contributes to our pantry, and we usually get, I don’t know, 600-700 pounds of food from them. This week, we got about 250. So people just don’t have the resources.”

Currently, Table of Hope gives each family eight pounds of dog food. As the community need rises, they are considering changes.

“We were just talking this morning that maybe we need to cut that in half so that we can serve more pets. So that more people get a little,” Carter explained.

The Kansas Humane Society (KHS) is trying to help pet owners as well.

“They’re struggling to afford pet food, and that’s going to be a reason that they would consider surrendering a pet to us. We really work with them to try to find a solution. You know, is there a way that we can give them pet food? If we don’t have any, can we direct them to that resource list?” said Ericka Goering, KHS Director of Communications and Marketing.

Caring Hands Humane Society in Newton started seeing its donations drop two months ago.

“We didn’t even come close to our goal, and so then that was when we kind of started getting scared. Because we used to meet those goals every time,” said Lauren Kingsley, Caring Hands Humane Society’s Marketing Director.

As a humane society that feeds purely off food donations, it’s tough.

“Our frequency is increasing on when we have to ask for food and try to keep it in the back of people’s minds all the time to think of us when they go to the store thinking on your next amazon order,” Kingsley said.

If you are a pet owner and are considering switching to a brand that is cheaper. KHS recommends you slowly mix the new brand with the old to avoid any stomach issues for your furry friend.