WASHINGTON (AP) – Lawmakers including Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois are weighing in after voters in traditionally conservative Kansas overwhelmingly backed a measure protecting abortion rights.

Durbin warns that the result in Kansas proves voters have been activated by the recent ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

“I think the message is out there that the reaction across America to the Supreme Court decision is powerful, and people are not staying home. They’re showing up a the polls,” he said.

“It has created a new factor in this off-year election, and the Republicans are in a difficult position. More and more cases are coming out publicly of extreme situations where women are being denied reproductive health care and many of them are really in a dangerous situation because of it. Republicans have to face that reality and it isn’t one that’s very popular with the voters.”

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri said he is pleased that voters have a say in the matter.

“Voters having a chance to actually weigh in on this issue is what I’ve been saying for years, my whole adult life, should happen,” he said. “So, while I wouldn’t have voted that way if I were a Kansas voter, I mean listen, the fact that the Kanas voters got a chance to vote, my guess is this won’t be the last vote they take on it. But that’s a good thing.”