This story has been updated to reflect Mike Pompeo’s home state. We regret the error.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Mike Pompeo was at Wichita State University on Friday to talk politics and promote his new book.

Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love” is the book, and Pompeo details some of his time as Director of the CIA and U.S. Secretary of State.

“From my observation, this is how I saw what we did, by the way, successes and failures,” said Pompeo. “In the book, I talked about each of them.”

Pompeo would not say if he is currently considering a run for President of the United States.

“I promise, the moment we know, you all will know,” said Pompeo.

The former CIA director talked about mistrust of the media in recent years. And not just one particular media outlet. He also talked about what he calls the need to do better when dealing with China. He addressed his thoughts on the so-called Chinese spy balloon.

“And there should be no doubt, this was not a weather balloon,” said Pompeo.

While Pompeo says the book is not out for political purposes, he did talk about politics. Still, he is not ready to say if he and his wife, Susan, want him to make a possible run for President in what could be a crowded Republican field in 2024.

“I don’t know what will come to bear in terms of politics. I do know the fight for conservative ideas. I can never walk away from all of that,” said Pompeo.

Pompeo, who is a native of California and lived in Kansas later in his life, also got candid about some other current political topics. Pompeo addressed the handling of classified document.

“I get asked all the time, do you have classified documents?” said Pompeo. “And I don’t think I do … I had a secure facility in our home both as CIA director and Secretary of State.”

Pompeo left the door to a run for President in 2024 in a bit of an ambiguous state.

“I don’t know if we will end up running for the President of the United States,” said Pompeo. “I think I said this before. The next handful of months, Susan and I will pray and sort it out, and then we’ll either head to Iowa, or we’ll keep doing what we’re doing today.”