A news crew from NBC affiliate WRCB was threatened with arrest and escorted out of a town hall meeting Wednesday after attempting to ask Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene a question.

Greene’s office invited the media to the event, including WRCB’s crew which had credentials to attend. Once on property, members of the media were told they would not be permitted to speak to anyone attending or ask any questions.

Greene discussed the recent headlines over her Facebook posts, made before being elected to Congress, that indicated her support of violence against prominent Democrats.

When WRCB reporter Meredith Aldis attempted to ask a question regarding those posts, one of Greene’s staff members approached the reporter and told her to leave the event.

Greene’s staff then waived over a deputy who escorted Aldis and her and the photographer out of the building and warned them they would be charged with criminal trespassing if they remained.

A spokesperson for Greene’s office reached out to Channel 3 following the incident and said the reporter was removed because the event “was not a press conference” and she was not approved to ask questions. The spokesperson, who called from Washington, D.C., said the reporter caused a “disruption” by asking her question.