WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Chants could be heard throughout downtown Wichita Saturday afternoon.

“We want peace in the Middle East!”

More than 100 protesters gathered at Douglas and Broadway with signs in hand and megaphones ready to go. The protest was organized by the Peace and Social Justice Center. They decided to host the event after the Iraq airstrike on Friday.

“We have killed one of their officials, and you can bet that they will be back. The Iranians will come back and punish us,” said protester Donna Wirth.

Many taking to the streets are worried about another war.

“I was immediately scared, disheartened, worried about my nephews,” said Eden Fuson.

“All of us here have family members in the military. We do not want our family members returning. They’ve already been to Afghanistan and Iraq,” said Wirth.

Wichitans united, some can remember protesting against the Vietnam War and others it was their first time.

“Because young people are our future. They are the ones that will really be responsible for what we do now. They will have to clean up the mess at some point,” said Mary Carusco.

Despite the short notice, people were glad for the turnout.

“Maybe people are starting to wise up I mean this is a Saturday afternoon people have a lot of things to do. Maybe they’re on a break, you know after the holidays. Yet, they choose to be out here and protest a war that hasn’t even started yet,” said Brad Peachy.

KSN also reached out to the VFW Post 112 Commander Greg Zuercher who works with veterans every day. While he is anti-war, he believes the airstrikes were for America’s best interest.