WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – After Friday’s controversial decision, many local non-profits have united and are expanding their services to ensure that women who live in Kansas are provided with proper medical and mental support.

The local non-profit Kansas Birth Justice Action aims to provide aid for women, especially minority mothers, by giving them the tools they need to be the best moms they can be.

“We recognize that is people like us, black and brown and particularly black women and Hispanic women as well as indigenous that have the highest percentage of maternal deaths, have the highest percentage of infant deaths and the two are extremely linked. I mean but they go together,” said Melody Miller, president of Kansas Birth Justice Action.

When people walk into the center, they are given the opportunity to receive help from lactation professionals, mental health experts and educate themselves on their rights. Miller says during this time it is necessary for women to understand what they are capable of.

“We are holistic and comprehensive in our approach to lifting women and supporting women and their families. We can be a safe place and space with supportive services for mothers and women,” Miller said.  

Currently, the organization is helping more than 500 women within its area, and they expect that number to grow within the next few months. For those who would like more information on the program, you can visit their website.