HAYS, Kan. (KSNW) – Finding solutions, it’s what has inspired one Kansas woman for years. It’s what led her to a decades-long career in nursing.

“Honestly, it was really because I needed to have an industry that I could make as much as I could to support the kids,” said Kelly Ancar.

As a single mom of four young kids, she decided to go to nursing school.

“I pieced together little part-time jobs in and around, you know doing all that because I just had to,” Ancar said. “I just didn’t really think of it as there was any other option or any other alternative to it. You do what you have to do to make it.”

She made it. Kelly Ancar became a registered nurse.

“Yes, I want to help people, but what I really wanted was to solve problems,” she said.

That’s what drew Ancar to the administrative side of nursing.

“If I can help the nurses, I can actually help more patients because I can’t take care of everybody one on one by myself, right? Nobody can. But if I serve the caregivers, if I serve the nurses, then they, in turn, can serve more patients and more clients and do a better job,” Ancar explained.

From her first job at Hays Medical Center to teaching at Fort Hays State University and now NCK Tech, Ancar has had many positions. Her expertise even took her beyond Kansas, doing consultant work for nursing homes.

“They hand you a slip of paper saying, ‘you either fix this stuff or you’re being shut down in a week.’ She would go in and basically just rescue everybody, and these were huge nursing homes where you’ve got six, seven, 800 residents that within a week would just be homeless,” Isaac North, her son, explained.

After nearly 20 years in administrative nursing, Ancar decided to start her own staffing agency.

“Sending nurses and CNAs to facilities. I still remember how that felt. I loved it. I was like, wow, I have two people on the clock, and I’m not one of them,” Ancar recalled.

In 2014, she started Amazing Grace Homecare. A couple of years later, two of her kids joined in. The company solely focuses now on home care.

“Now, whenever we’re just in regular meetings, it’s something that you just see, kind of comes out of her wanting to do right by other people. Making sure that people are advocated for, taken care of, just whatever needs to be done,” North said.

Their business has provided hundreds of jobs and helped hundreds of patients.

“We book about 2,000 hours a week of care every week. So it’s busy and crazy and growing,” Ancar said. “I love running the company with my kids.”

Ancar is viewed as relentless and caring.

“Kind of your real-life Wonder Woman,” North described his mom.

While he views her as remarkable, she believes you can be remarkable too.

“Start thinking about, you know, hey, I got this. I got this. I can do it. They can do it. I can do it. We can all do it,” she said.

Ancar does not have any plans yet to retire. Fun fact, when she is not helping others, she plays the keyboard in a rock band.