SALINE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — As county officials and emergency management crews address the damage done by windstorms that ravaged the state on Wednesday, the community is coming together to help their neighbors.

“If you just need a place to charge your electronics, if you’ve got medical equipment that needs to be hooked up, we’ve got electricity, we’ve got internet. We’ve also got hot meals that we’re willing to serve,” Michelle Barkley, the Saline County emergency director, said.

Barkley said that there is no clear timeline for when power will be restored. Roughly 25,000 customers were without power when they woke up the morning after the storm and said they are showing “about 18,000 customers now without power,” according to a news conference by Evergy.

Barkley also said Evergy told them they are bringing in additional crews to help restore power to the city.

County officials and the Red Cross are using the Webster Conference Center to give away hot meals and provide shelter for those affected by the storm.

Another part of the Salina community, the Rolling Hills Zoo, suffered damage to some of their buildings.

“The building here caught a lot of the wind, and we lost a majority of that,” Executive Director Ryan Vanzant said. “We had another loafing shed break loose from its foundation and fly through the air.”

That piece of the loafing shed landed on a staff member’s car, but fortunately, the staff member, along with all of the animals, is safe.

“It was quite the scene, but our staff did an amazing job of making sure they were safe. The animals were safe, our guests were safe, and everything else can be repaired,” Vanzant said.

The Webster Conference Center in Salina will accept people into the shelter until 10 p.m. Thursday night, then reopen at 8 a.m. Friday morning.