SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — On Monday, June 27, Sedgwick County released supplemental videos of Cedric Lofton while he was at the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center (JIAC).

According to Sedgwick County, on Jan. 21, they released 18 video segments of “the Sept. 24, 2021 incident involving Cedric Lofton.” In addition to those videos, they have identified footage from more cameras that contain secondary, partial and/or tertiary images of Lofton.

“The videos were recorded by six fixed-angle cameras at the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center (JIAC) and provided overlapping views from different camera angles,” said Sedgwick County. “Since that time, Sedgwick County personnel have further reviewed footage from over 50 camera angles in our possession.”

“We believe these images and views of Cedric Lofton do not provide anything of a substantive nature or any deviations from video images already made public. However, it is imperative to Sedgwick County these videos be released in order to maintain transparency,” Sedgwick County said.

The video from five of the additional angles will be published in 12 segments on Sedgwick County Communications Youtube Channel.

“Based on the location of the cameras and review of the footage, we believe no outstanding camera angles would have provided improved views of what occurred in the JIAC lobby and holding room or the JIAC sally port. It is possible that a camera angle outside the JIAC resident waiting room door and a camera outside the east law enforcement sally port entrance captured images of Cedric Lofton,” said Sedgwick County. “However, these angles were not on the NVR, the recording device that digitally stores and retains video, seized and retained as physical evidence, and were not originally downloaded by Sedgwick County personnel.”

You can watch the videos on the Sedgwick County Communications Youtube Channel or by clicking the following links:

To view Sedgwick County’s statement in full, click here.