WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — High winds that blew across Kansas on Wednesday have left many traffic signs damaged or missing; this includes stop and other regulatory signs.

The Kansas Department of Transportation asks that drivers be extra alert while driving due to the sign damage. They say signs are missing in south-central, northwest and southwest Kansas, with the hardest-hit areas being Barton and Rush counties. Areas of significant sign damage also include Pawnee County, Rice County, and northern Stafford County. Northeast and southeast Kansas had minimal losses.

Crews are working on replacing missing signs and assessing the number of missing or damaged signs. It has not been made clear when all the signs can be replaced. Areas that were not affected are providing the materials and assistance. However, there are still signs that will need to be ordered.

It is estimated that 100 signs are missing in and around Great Bend. Crews have installed about 30 temporary stop signs in Barton County. The temporary signs are six inches narrower than official signs. Rush County lost an estimated 70 stop signs, which are also in the process of being replaced.

Crews are prioritizing key intersections. KDOT has identified where stop signs are missing. The affected highways include, but aren’t limited to, K-4, U.S. 56, K-156 and U.S. 281.

KDOT asks that if anyone sees a sign down or blown over away from the roadway, contact the nearest KDOT office or send an email to KDOT#PublicInfo@ks.gov with the name of the highway/intersection, the nearest town, and the county.