(The Hill) – A team of reporters with the British publication and broadcast service Sky News came under fire from Russian soldiers in Ukraine on Monday, with at least one journalist wounded in the attack.

In an article and video published on their website Friday, chief correspondent for Sky News Stuart Ramsay recounted the Russian ambush of his five-member team near the capital of Kyiv.

The journalists were traveling in a vehicle on a highway, headed to a local town to cover news of a destroyed Russian convoy. The team was redirected multiple times through the city in order to pass safely through the warzone.

Eventually, as they traveled toward an intersection, repeated gunshots rang out, forcing the team to pull over and duck for cover, according to the video.

Reporters said cried out “Journalists!” to the Russian troops, thinking they might be Ukrainians, but failed to stop the soldiers from firing.

“Somehow we have to get out of this, but the bullets keep coming,” Ramsay said in a narration of the video.

The team fled down an embankment, barely escaping gunfire, and into a nearby facility, where they hid out until local police escorted them to safety.

Later, Sky News learned they were attacked by a saboteur Russian reconnaissance squad.

A camera operator took two rounds to worn body armor, while Ramsay was struck in the back by a bullet, but the team otherwise escaped safely.

“We were lucky,” Ramsay said. “Thousands of Ukrainians are not.”