KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — The family of a paralyzed 11-year-old girl is encouraged by a police social media post.

Kansas City Police have released a series of photos from Nov. 1, showing two cars of interest. Detectives believe they’re related to a drive-by-shooting that left 11-year-old Lauren Reddick unable to walk.

Police records indicate that the shooting happened near East 80th Street and Hickman Mills Drive. That social post says the drivers of the two cars were shooting at each other.

The family’s GoFundMe account says two bullets entered the family home, where Reddick sat in her bedroom. One bullet hit the little girl in the spine. The other broke her ribs, according to the family. They also say they’re concerned she won’t walk again.

“I believe my granddaughter, Lauren Reddick, will walk again. I’m holding on to that hope,” Stancy Reddick said on Tuesday night.

“I would also like them to face me, and to face my granddaughter, to see what you’ve done,” Stancy Reddick added.

“We want the person or persons who’ve taken part of this to come forward and not make things worse. Just come forward,” Thelesa Moore, a longtime family friend, said.

That GoFundMe page hopes to collect $20,000 to help pay Lauren’s medical expenses. Anyone with helpful information is asked to call the Kansas City Crime Stoppers Tips Hotline at (816) 474-8477.