MERRIAM, Kan. (WDAF) — Fifteen beagles arrived in Merriam, Kansas, this week as rescues from a major animal abuse case out of Virginia.

They’re just a few handfuls of the 4,000 beagles that were ordered by a federal judge to be taken from an animal research facility in July.

The Great Plains Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) applied to help find them new homes. The dogs they received are all male, all 10 months old, and now are all with temporary foster families.

As a part of an agreement with the U.S. Human Society the beagles with need to be neutered and vaccinated before they can be adopted — finding homes after coming from a place where they had been bred for research.

The beagles played with the other dogs for the first time at SPCA’s fenced-in area Tuesday morning. They will receive names from their foster families. Currently, they have less of a name and more of a designation.

“Their names are just currently the tattoos on their ear. They have a three-letter tattoo on the inside of their ear that has been their name their entire life,” Madison Brown, Marketing & Events Coordinator for Great Plains SPCA, said.

“These dogs don’t even know how to bark. Most dogs will bark to you when they want something, want attention. They barked for attention and they never got it so they don’t even know how to bark,” Brown said.

“They came in at 3 a.m. Our team had to drive all the way to Cumberland, Virginia, which was a 15 hours drive there and back,” Brown said.

Their origin is the Envigo breeding and research facility which was targeted by federal authorities for poor conditions.

For a chance to adopt a beagle you will have to watch their website and fill out the proper paperwork for a chance.

This weekend the Great Plains SPCA is also holding special adoption event heavily discounted adoption deals. Adult dog and kitten adoption fees are 50% off, and adult cat adoption fees are discounted to $50.