TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas is allocating $40.5 million to support 33 local and off-system bridge projects across the state.

Governor Laura Kelly and Kansas Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz announced the projects on Tuesday. The announcement comes as part of two local bridge improvement programs reshaped to take advantage of new revenue streams generated by the federally approved Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).

“My administration is committed to improving Kansas’ transportation system, including city- and county-owned bridges in need of overdue repairs,” Kelly said. “These bridge programs demonstrate how, by fostering partnerships among all levels of government, we can build a robust, responsive infrastructure system that provides efficient and safe transportation routes and boosts state and local economies.”

The amount awarded by the Kansas Department of Transportation to cities and counties more than doubles and triples local bridge improvement funds available in these programs as part of the existing Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE).

The announcement took place at the Pottawatomie County Law Enforcement Center in Westmoreland, just a few miles from one of the selected bridges.

The KDOT bridge improvement programs include approximately $137.5 million in BIL funds over the next five years.

The Off-System Bridge Program (OSB) has been expanded from $8 million in annual funding to $20.5 million. Twenty-two projects – with awarded funds ranging from $460,000 to $1.4 million – were selected for Federal Fiscal Year 2024. In total for this round, KDOT received 99 OSB applications requesting $83.8 million.

The Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program (KLBIP) has increased from $5 million annually to $20 million. For State Fiscal Year 2023, the 11 selected KLBIP projects will replace 10 deficient bridges and permanently remove seven deficient bridges from the local system. For this round of KLBIP selections, 114 applications were received with requests totaling more than $126 million.

“These local bridges are the lifeblood of many communities,” Lorenz said. “Most ag loads start in a field, are placed in a truck, and have to cross a county bridge to get to a state highway or rail line. Congratulations to these Kansas communities for partnering with KDOT and securing local matching funds that keep critical bridges open to the public and moving commerce.”

Both the OSB and KLBIP have similar-yet-different bridge eligibility requirements targeted for city and county bridges not on the state highway system and in need of replacement or repair. Funds for both programs are awarded through an application process and, in most cases, require a local contribution. KDOT uses selection criteria that include bridge condition, detour length, inability to carry legal loads, and past project history.

There are approximately 19,300 bridges on Kansas’ local road systems. About 26% – or 5,000 – of those bridges are in poor condition or unable to meet today’s weight and vehicle requirements.

To view a map of the projects, click here

The list of recipients and project locations for OSB and KLBIP are below.

Kansas – 2024 Off-System Bridge (OSB) Program Projects
County Bridge Location Local CostLocal Cost % Total Funds Awarded (covering 100% of construction and CE)
Brown County1 mile south of Fairview – carrying 220th west of U.S. 75$49,1417.9%$570,000
Pottawatomie CountyArmstrong Road over Vermillion Creek – 2 miles north, 1 mile east of Havensville $147,42311.3%$1,160,000
Wabaunsee CountyFairfield Road over Hendricks Creek – 1 mile north, .2 mile east of Alma $89,5468.8%$930,000
Chase CountyMain Street over Cottonwood River – .8 mile west of Cedar Point $125,5836.7%$1,740,000
Geary CountyOld Milford Road – 3 miles north, 1 mile west of Junction City $94,4609.0%$950,000
Jewell County1.3 miles south, 6 miles west of Mankato $185,86316.4%$950,000
Ottawa CountyLaramie Road – west of Minneapolis $87,3624.7%$1,790,000
Ellis County370th Avenue over Big Creek – 6 miles south, and 1 mile west of Walker $50,2334.0%$1,210,000
Osborne CountyS 180th Avenue – 1 mile south, .7 mile west of Covert $49,1416.6%$700,000
Phillips CountyKiowa Road – 6.5 miles north, .5 mile west of Agra $50,2336.1%$770,000
Rawlins County0.8 mile south, 2.2 miles west of Blakeman $44,7738.2%$500,000
Rooks County2.2 miles south, 2.5 miles east of Plainville $44,7738.1%$510,000
Smith County2.7 miles south, 7 miles east of Smith Center $50,7794.7%$1,040,000
Chautauqua County0.6 mile south, 2 miles east of Cedarvale $60,0619.1%$600,000
Labette County25000 Road, 4 miles east of Parsons $103,7429.8%$960,000
Montgomery County1800 Road, 1.5 miles east of Coffeyville $70,9824.5%$1,490,000
Butler CountySW Prairie Creek Road over Eight Mile Creek – 1 mile east, 1.3 miles north of Rose Hill $147,42324.3%$460,000
Kingman County SE 100 Street – 3.2 miles north, .2 mile west of Rago over Rose Bud Creek $27,3014.7%$550,000
Pawnee County40th Avenue – 7 miles east, 4.5 miles north of Larned $60,0615.7%$990,000
Reno CountyVictory Road over Little Arkansas River – .5 mile east, 2 miles south of Buhler $62,2457.1%$820,000
Stafford CountyNE 130th Avenue – 7.1 miles north, 13.5 miles east of St. John $65,5215.2%$1,200,000
Ness County2 miles north, 4 miles east of Beeler $87,36212.5%$610,000
 Totals $1,754,0087.9%$20,500,000

2023 Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program Projects
Local Government AgencyLocationLocal Cost   Local % Match RequirementMaximum KDOT Match FundsFunds for Bridge RemovalMaximum Funds Awarded
Atchison County 314th Road over Deer Creek – 3.5 miles north of Atchison $127,31315%$930,000 $90,000 $1,020,000
Cloud County 190th Road over Republican River – 1.7 miles north, 4.4 miles east of Concordia $554,27110%$4,173,000 $97,000 $4,270,000
Saline County McReynolds Road – 1 mile south, 1.5 miles east of Smolan $92,07115%$350,000 $50,000 $400,000
Cheyenne County 10 miles north, 3.5 miles west of St. Francis $ –0%$500,000 $50,000 $550,000
Gove County 3.4 miles north, 2.6 miles east of Quinter $22,9330%$450,000 $  – $450,000
Greenwood County 1.6 miles west of Hamilton $ –5%$1,095,000 $215,000 $1,310,000
Neosho County 2 miles north of Chanute $2,237,96815%$5,400,000 $  – $5,400,000
Barber County Kingfisher Road – 3.1 miles north, 4.5 miles west of Hardtner $49,1410%$700,000 $  – $700,000
Barton County East Barton County Road – 2.9 miles east of Great Bend $209,36915%$1,000,000 $  – $1,000,000
Edwards County Q Road and 280th Avenue – 6.2 miles south, 1 mile east of Belpre $28,3930%$450,000 $  – $450,000
Hamilton County Road B – 1 mile south of Coolidge $283,9260%$5,450,000 $  – $5,450,000
  $3,605,385  $502,000  $21,000,000