LINDSBORG, Kan. (KSNW) — An artist has designed a new mural for the City of Lindsborg in McPherson County. But before he can start painting it, he and his supporters are trying to raise money for the project.

Cal McNichols has designed a colorful, giant Viking for the side of the Trollslända Toy Store at the corner of Main and State Street. The building already has a mural, but it is seven to eight years old, and the paint has been fading.

The mural will be 30-feet tall. The artist said that a Viking was a perfect choice because the local Smoky Valley schools have the Viking as a mascot. It also speaks to Lindsborg’s heritage.

“I want to give to the Swedish heritage of the town, especially because I have family roots in Lindsborg,” McNichols said.

Lesa Larson owns the building.

“I don’t see this probably happening if we don’t have some sort of fundraiser such as this to be able to support a mural on this size,” she said. “If people are donating and giving money and don’t live in this community, please come visit because you will love this community.”

In the mural McNichols designed, the Viking’s hand is outstretched. Supporters see that as an opportunity for people to have their pictures taken while standing in the Viking’s palm.

(Courtesy Cal McNichols)

McNichols, Larson, and others say the mural will be another tourist attraction for the city. They are trying to raise almost $30,000 for the project.

To see the current mural, the breakdown of the costs, and the gifts donors will get, visit the mural Kickstarter website by clicking here. You can also donate on the website.