WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Osage County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma has released a journal entry from Dennis Rader — more known as the serial killer BTK.

The journal entry, deputies say, alludes to the killer being out of the Wichita area when Cynthia Kinney of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, was reported missing in 1976.

The journal entry is titled “PJ-Bad Wash Day.” In part, Rader says he had “problems getting in or to much noise factor” of a house and would watch a nearby laundromat for a possible victim.

Missing Person: Cynthia Kinney of Pawhuska, Oklahoma (Courtesy: Osage County Sheriff’s Office)

The sheriff’s office highlighted “C-9” in the entry and said it references a chapter in an unpublished manuscript that intended to give details on all the murders he actually committed.

The Osage County Sheriff’s Office also showed the missing person flyer for Kinney in 1976. On it, it shows Kinney as a 5-foot-1-inch woman weighing approximately 100 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes who was last seen at the Osage Laundry on June 23, 1976.

The sheriff’s office says it started investigating Kinney’s case again after new discoveries tied Rader to Kinney’s disappearance. Nearly 50 years ago, investigators suspect Rader was installing security equipment at a bank in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Across the road was a laundromat, the last place anyone saw Kinney. That link led the Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden to start looking at Rader as a suspect in her disappearance.

“She was taken mid-morning in the week,” Virden said. “A lot of his crimes occurred between eight and noon in the week when he worked for ADT.”

The release of Rader’s journal entry comes as Osage County deputies searched the former property of Rader in Park City on Tuesday in connection to several missing persons cases, including Kinney’s.

Rader maintains he has no involvement in Kinney’s disappearance.