WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Cats or dogs? Which furry friend do Kansans prefer?

In a study conducted by time2play in April of 2022, they questioned 3,045 pet owners across America to find out which states prefer cats over dogs or dogs over cats.

The average age of pet owners was 38.6 years. Time2play asked the pet owners if they had a cat or dog and what state they are from.

Their data revealed America is split 50/50. Twenty-five states prefer cats over dogs, and the other half prefer dogs over cats.

The state of Kansas prefers cats over dogs. In our neighboring states, Missouri also prefers cars over dogs, while Colorado, Nebraska and Oklahoma all prefer dogs over cats.

Time2play also asked pet owners how often they post about their pet(s) on social media.

According to time2play, 53.2% of pet owners said they do share pictures of their pets online. The other 46.8% do not. Of those that said yes, 56.8% were dog people, and 43.2% were cat people.

Time2play’s study also revealed that Millennials post about their pets on social media the most, followed by Gen Z. Pet owners that post their pets on average do so twice a month.