KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Chiefs Kingdom welcomes a new member, and not just anybody. There’s still plenty of buzz about Taylor Swift’s time in Kansas City, cheering on number 87 Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pam Hatcher said she was sitting right in front of the Grammy award-winning artist and global superstar when fans started to notice Swift was in the house. Many people quit focusing on the action on the field.

“Loving him was Red,” Taylor Swift lives out the lyrics to one of her songs Sunday, watching Travis Kelce and the Chiefs play.

Swift sat in Kelce’s suit right next to his mom, Donna. The topic of conversation.

“It was about football,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher has been a season ticket holder for 53 years. Her family sits right in front of Kelce’s suite. She said he was the man and never imagined this in her wildest dreams.

“Oh my gosh, it’s Taylor Swift,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher said it got a little chaotic. She felt sorry for Swift and that some fans needed to calm down. Six security guards attempted to keep people from crowding the walkways and taking pictures.

Meantime, Hatcher’s family “went headfirst, Fearless,” trying to have fun with it.

“Just waving at everybody because, you know, it looks like they’re waving at us,” Hatcher said, “and so we’re like, ‘Hey! Hey!'”

Some may call it “Karma,” but her son’s face ended up going viral “All Too Well.”

“My son is 6’4″ and a redhead, and apparently, he’s on the cover of about seven magazines right now,” Hatcher said. “Rolling Stones, Cosomo, Country Living,” Hatcher said. “Everybody was just blowing up our phones all throughout the game.”

After the game, WGN Reporter Jarret Payton, who’s Walter Payton’s son, caught Kelce and Swift leaving Arrowhead.

A Chiefs fan and Swiftie said she was celebrating her friend’s 22nd birthday at Prime Social in KC, when they were told their whole tab was being paid and they needed to be out by 8 p.m. It’s unclear if Swift and Kelce picked up the bill, but the Swifties like to believe so.

Xavier Ross is the manager at the Kansas City Raygun.

“It’s very funny because now they’re like so focused on the Chiefs because of Taylor, and I think that’s going to put more eyes on the Chiefs,” Ross said. “I think it’s very cute to see them come in and be like, ‘What’s Kelce’s number? I need more Kelce gear to show support for him.'”

Ross heard they were dating last week.

Raygun ran with the T-shirt ideas, not knowing T-Swift would show up in style at Sunday’s game.

“Usually, we say the chiefs write the shirts themselves, and that’s what they did last night,” Ross said. “That’s what Taylor did, at least.”

Hatcher said she’s in full support of Swift being in her Kansas City Era.

“The only song I know is Shake it off. If you want to become a Kansas City Chiefs fan, we’ll make sure an get you in and have a tailgate for you,” Hatcher said. “Come on back.”

Hatcher said she did end up going to the Club Level because it got so chaotic.

The T-Swift T-shirts are expected to be in store on Thursday. They’re available online now.