TOPEKA, (KSNT) – Emporia State University (ESU) has started suspending academic programs, following the dismissal of 33 faculty and staff members on September 16.

According to a letter sent last week to ESU students, faculty, and staff, all suspended programs would be informed by their department chairs by Friday.

“What campus is going to see is announcements from the specific departments and programs as they roll out information about reinvestment and realignment of those programs,” Larson said.

Advisors are also expected to communicate with students in programs that are directly affected by Friday as well.

The letter also states that students in affected programs will be able to complete their current degree program as planned and that changes will not affect accreditation or the legitimacy of degrees.

The program cuts come after the state Board of Regents approved a Workforce Management Framework that gave university President Ken Hush unprecedented authority to “suspend, dismiss, or terminate any university employee.”

The move sparked outrage among students and staff.

After several complaints from people that were dismissed, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) said that they are opening a case against the university.