MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNW) — Most of us wouldn’t think twice about getting an eye exam if we were having trouble with our vision. Animal experts believe the same care should be given to working animals.

In May, veterinary ophthalmologists and a veterinary technician from the Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center will provide free eye exams for guide dogs, disability assistance dogs, detection dogs, military working dogs and other search-and-rescue dogs.

They will even travel to Wichita to provide exams for military and police working dogs at the Wichita Police Department and McConnell Air Force Base.

“Our goal is to screen active working animals for eye diseases that could impair their ability to perform their jobs, and in doing so, help them better serve their human owners and handlers,” Jessica Meekins, associate professor of ophthalmology, said.

She said early detection and treatment are vital for working animals. Some of the things she’ll be looking for include squinting, cloudy corneas, redness, retinal disease, early cataracts and other serious abnormalities.

K-State has been taking part in the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists/Epicur Pharma National Service Animal Eye Exam event since 2013. Click here to learn more about which animals qualify and to register. The website said people need to register for the exams by Saturday, April 30.

K-State said it is important for people to register through the ACVO website if they want the free eye exam for working animals in May.