GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — The Lee Richardson Zoo (LRZ) in Garden City is asking for the public’s help in naming their reticulated giraffe calf that was born on Monday, Dec. 26, 2022.

The LRZ shared multiple name options and why they chose them.

Courtesy: Lee Richardson Zoo

Amani (a-ma-nee)

According to the LRZ, Amani means “peace.”

“The calf has a peace sign on his right rear leg. He was born the day after Christmas,” the LRZ said.

Maalum (ma-loom)

According to the LRZ, Maalum means “special.”

“He was born based on a recommendation from the Species Survival Plan for Giraffes and contributes to the genetic health of the population. Juani and Cleo’s third calf has already had an impact on staff and the guests who have seen him,” said the LRZ.

Miguu (me-goo)

According to the LRZ, Miguu means “legs.”

“Giraffes are known for their long, strong legs, which they use for locomotion and protection,” the LRZ said. “Calves must learn to use their legs very quickly.”

Timu (tee-moo)

According to the LRZ, Timu means “team.”

“It’s going to take a team effort to save giraffes in the wild, just like it takes a team to provide for them when they’re in human care,” said the LRZ. “Giraffes live in herds, often moving and acting as one, like a team.”

To cast your vote, you can stop by the Finnup Center for Conservation Education, 312 E. Finnup Drive in Garden City, call the LRZ at 620-276-1250, email them at or go to their Facebook page.

The Zoo is taking votes from Thursday, Jan 5 through Wednesday, Jan. 11. The winning name will be announced on Thursday, Jan. 12.

The LRZ says the mother and calf are doing well and be seen in the giraffe building during regular zoo hours.

For more information about giraffes and how you can help them, visit the Lee Richardson Zoo’s website.