Gas prices continue to surge across the country, with the national average for a gallon of regular fuel now up to $4.91, according to the AAA. In Kansas, the price is around $4.50.

If you’re looking for relief at the pump, there are some free apps that you can download to help.

Gas Buddy

The Gas Buddy app provides several resources to save money. Once you download the app, you can order your free GasBack card. It just has to be linked to a personal bank account. You will also have to provide your driver’s license information to verify your identity.

“GasBack is free money for gas earned from everyday purchases. Earning GasBack is easy and it’s automatically applied at the pump at gas stations nationwide,” Gas Buddy stated.

Once you get the GasBack card, you’ll be able to swipe it to pay for gas. The card will also save you up to $.25 per gallon, according to Gas Buddy.

Additionally, the app will allow you to find the cheapest gas price wherever you are. You can also turn your daily purchases into free gas by shopping in the app.


Another free app that can save you money at the pump is Upside.

“You’ll pay however you normally do (with a credit or debit card) and cash back will be deposited directly to your Upside account. There’s no limit on how much you can earn –  Upside even works with other coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs!” Upside explained.

The app says you can save up to $.25 per gallon.

Here’s how it works, according to Upside:

  1. Find local offers on everything from gasoline prices to restaurants and everything in between.
  2. Pay as usual: Shop as you would at favorite spots around town, and pay with any credit or debit card.
  3. Check in to log your purchase, and be on your way. (If you can’t check in, just snap a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app.)
  4. Earn cash back, and cash out whenever you want via PayPal, e-gift card or directly into your bank account.

Upside said you can get cash back at over 45,000 locations nationwide.

Fuel Rewards

Many gas stations, such as Exxon, Shell and Phillips 66, also offer fuel rewards when you use their apps. There are also grocery stores that provide discounts on fuel based on the amount of money you spend.

QuikTrip offers a rewards card. For every $2 in qualified merchandise purchased earn one rewards point. For every 2 gallons of qualified fuel purchased earn one rewards point. Each point earned is worth 1 cent off per gallon. (Non-Qualifying Purchases include alcohol, tobacco, lottery, lotto, postage stamps, gift cards, phone cards, money orders, fuel purchased using rewards points, taxes, event tickets and passes, rentals, other service items and any items prohibited by law.)

Dillons, operated by Kroger, helps you save on fuel every time you shop with their Shopper’s Card. For every $1 you spend, earn one fuel point. Plus, earn points on gift cards, pharmacy and Fred Meyer Jewelers, and even an online order to ship.

Costco and Sam’s Club offer their members discounted gas prices as well. A yearly membership at Costco starts at $60. A yearly membership at Sam’s Club starts at $45.