HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KSNW) — On Wednesday, Sept. 21, KSN introduced you to Sandhills Brewing, a brewery located in Hutchinson that was on the brink of closing. On Saturday, Sept. 21, they announced that with help of the community, that is no longer true:

It is official, we have reached and surpassed the 30% food sales requirement. This time for certain. Our insane, near impossible plan to sell $14,700 in food in 10 days turned into an exponentially more incredible success of selling $37,717.66 in food in just four days.

Through the amazing help and support of you, we have secured our license renewal.

The future of Sandhills Brewing in Hutchinson is secured, and it’s because of the utterly incredible support of the community here in Hutchinson and beyond. The shear number of you that came out to proclaim your support with your time, your wallets, and your appetites is almost unbelievable . . . except that it really happened, so it’s real.

We have succeeded, but we do not stop yet, after all the meat for today has been smoking for many, many hours.

Sandhills Brewing

The brink of closing

Sandhills Brewing has been in business for 4.5 years. Two weeks ago, they realized they were in trouble. Due to a 1986 law, in order to renew their liquor license, 30% of their total revenue must be from food sales.

On Tuesday, they made a plea on social media, saying they needed to sell $14,700 worth of food in 10 days to stay open, and the community showed up. In just five hours, they sold over $16,000 worth of food. However, they misunderstood state law. Instead of needing less than $15,000, they needed close to $25,000.

As of Wednesday, they had just nine days left to sell enough food. Now, that is no longer an issue.

However, Pippin Williamson, one of the owners of Sandhill Brewing, is now working with state lawmakers to change the law that almost forced them to close their doors.

That 30% law is in more than 60 Kansas counties.

“The idea that existed in 1986, or in the mid-1980s, about a bar being a backroom place and dingy place and a thing where nefarious things happen. Microbreweries are not that they are a growing and thriving business,” said Representative Jason Probst.

Rep. Probst says to get this on the ballot, Reno County would have to either make a resolution or utilize a petition. The earliest a vote could happen is November 2023.

A toast to the community

Sandhills also noted in their announcement that they will be having a special event with food and music as a toast to the community on Saturday, Sept. 24:

Today we will begin food service at 12 Noon with smoked pork butt sandwiches and cowboy beans. The pork was being smoked on the patio all day yesterday, so if you were here, you could smell just how good it’s going to be.

When we run out of smoked pork, we will continue with hamburgers and hot dogs again. Pizzas also available all day, or until we run out.

Beers are till $1 all day long! One food purchase required.

Families with kids: all kids 12 and under eat for free.

Come out, enjoy great music, hang out, eat lots of food, and enjoy $1 beers with any food purchase!

Music tonight

Alex Jordan will be playing live on the patio again starting around 6:30pm.

A toast to all of you

At 7:30pm we will pause and take a minute to share and express gratitude to everyone for their amazing contributions that have made this such an incredible success.

Sandhills Brewing

Sandhills Brewing also offers online donation options:

If you do not wish to consume these items, they will be donated. The jerky will be donated to a local food bank or other organization, and the pizza will be donated to a local group after Oct. 1. Make sure to leave a note in your order.

Sandhills also notes that they currently do not have any plans for Sunday and beyond but that they will share updates on their Facebook page when they know for certain.