KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Three people remain in the hospital Wednesday, including a suspect who stole an ambulance outside a hospital and crashed it into four cars.

“We’re out there trying to protect the public, and somebody came in and disrupted that,” Assistant Fire Chief Jimmy Walker said. He said he was saddened by the video he saw of the theft.

Police said a woman stole a Kansas City Fire Department (KCFD) ambulance parked in the ambulance base at research.

“When they had gotten out and turned around, someone had hopped in the ambulance,” Walker said. “They drove off.”

Kansas City police said she was speeding west down Meyer and crashed into four vehicles.

“The ambulance went up and down Meyer boulevard and caused a collision at the intersection of basically 71 highway and Meyer Boulevard,” Sgt. Jake Becchina said.

Becchina said the driver then went off the roadway, hit a tree and went down an embankment before stopping on prospect.

“After all of that kind of chaos settled down, the investigation that unfolds is a stolen auto,” Becchina said.

Becchina said two drivers were seriously hurt and taken to the hospital. The other two walked away.

Walker said the ambulance and city property also saw extensive damage.

A quick search online shows emergency vehicles could cost anywhere between $120,000-325,000.

“The one silver lining is that it was an older unit that was going to be cycled out,” Walker said.

This, less expensive piece of city property was back up his crew was using the day it was stolen. The normal unit was in the shop.

While choosing to find a bright side, Walk did say this sill decision put the community in harm’s way in more ways than one.

“It took one of our ambulance units out of service for a few hours while they could go grab a replacement unit and get back in service,” Walker said. “Unfortunately, someone from the public put some other citizens in danger.”

“Stealing a vehicle, causing a crashing, driving in a manner that causes a crash – those are all things that are punishable in state courts,” Becchina said.

At last check the suspect driver of the stolen vehicle was still in the hospital.