DALLAS, Texas (WDAF) — Firefighters from Texas are battling a growing wildfire southwest of Dallas, Texas.

The blaze started July 20 and is known as the Chalk Mountain Fire, located near Glen Rose, Texas.

Johnson County firefighters specializing in wildland fires have helped in the area for a week. They were able to get the fire about 50% contained by Wednesday evening.

Johnson County Fire District No. 1 shared a video of their experience with FOX4 KC.

Pilots are using planes to drop water on areas of the fire that are hard to reach. Firefighters said the area is full of juniper, oak, mesquite timber, and tall grass. It’s dry, and temperatures have topped 100 degrees, making it easy for the fire to spread.

The Johnson County firefighters are working with teams from Oklahoma, Florida, Maine, Louisiana, North Dakota, Arizona, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Oregon.

The firefighters said they expect to be in the area for another week before returning to be reassigned to another area where they are needed.