WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Inflation is still hurting many Americans at the grocery store, with eggs and flour being some of the many products with high price tags.

Heather Allard owns Addie’s Cakes & More and says she wants to keep low prices for their customers, but right now, that is just not possible.

Courtesy: Heather Allard, owner of Addie’s Cakes & More

Regardless, she and Carousel Bakery owner Laurie Antonini are positive about the community supporting their passions.

Courtesy: Laurie Antonini, owner of Carousel Bakery

Allard’s business is new, and she says coming in, her goal was to have low prices.

“I wanted to come in much more competitive,” Allard said. “Unfortunately, I’m not able to do that.”

She says last year, she paid about $2.79 for a pound of butter compared to about $5 now. For eggs last year, she paid around $2 a dozen. That price has now tripled.

So, she’s trying to get competitive in other ways.

“The more creative I can be for my customers and to go above and beyond for them,” Allard said.

Antonini owns Carousel Bakery in Stockton and says powdered sugar is another big one. She used 1,500 pounds of it last month.

“The powdered sugar from my food supplier has gone up 115%,” Antonini said.

She takes advantage of the different stores around her, whether that be her local store or something 45 minutes away, so she can keep her prices as low as possible.

“Is it more worthwhile to purchase through my food supplier, or is it worth it to drive all the way to Walmart,” Antonini said.

Regardless, they both make it work.

Antonini says thankfully, people are understanding why the prices are a little higher right now, and she says she always tries to make something work for her customers.