TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A local band is counting its blessings after a close call on Thursday night where a truck containing members of the band wrecked on I-70 and caught on fire.

KSNT spoke with Jared Powers, the lead singer and guitarist of “Jay Hill Road” out of Junction City, about the crash that nearly ended in disaster for the band. He said that he was “over the moon that no one was seriously hurt” but was saddened at the loss of equipment that the band suffered after the truck caught on fire.

“We had a couple of large guitar amplifiers … all of the bass player guitars were destroyed, and one brand new guitar survived,” Powers said. “They’re going to replace all of the bass guitars today, but it was pretty much a total loss.”

The truck was occupied by two members of the band, including Powers’ brother, who escaped injury following the crash on I-70. Power lines connected to the pole hit by the truck fell across the highway, forcing emergency responders to close I-70 and resulting in the loss of power to numerous nearby local businesses and homes.

“We’re just glad that everyone was okay. It could’ve been so much worse,” Powers said. “We sure are sorry to the people of Topeka that lost power that night.”

The band had been getting ready for a performance in Olathe on Saturday when the crash happened. Upon learning of the crash, Powers said that he “was in complete shock.”

“I knew they were driving from Junction City to here so we could start practicing,” he said. “I got the call from my brother, the drummer in the band, and I was just in complete shock. As the night went on, we got more information and said we’re gonna move forward with it (Saturday’s performance).”

The show will go on for Jay Hill Road. Powers said they plan to have their planned performance at 7 p.m. on Oct. 29 at Jobi’s Music House in Olathe. The $20 cover charge will cover food and music for the night and give access to a cash bar and raffle.

Jay Hill Road focuses on rock, blues and hard rock music. The band has five members in it, and they take their name from a road near Junction City.