LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) — The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office has announced released two letters on Tuesday on the legality of CBD products.

The first letter, titled “District Attorney Suzanne Valdez’s Statement on Delta-8 THC,” declares that the DA’s Office will not aggressively prosecute end-users for possession of small amounts of THC products. This letter goes on to address the “great deal of confusion and misinformation” related to the legality of Delta-8 THC products. It agrees with an opinion letter from Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt released in 2021, which states that Delta-8 products are illegal in Kansas.

The second letter is addressed to businesses in Lawrence and Douglas County who are in the market of selling CBD products, especially Delta-8. It is a written notice declaring that marketing and/or selling Delta-8 THC products is illegal and asks any owners who receive this letter to voluntarily remove these products from their store’s shelves.

Guardian MMJ, a cannabis dispensary that was raided earlier this year on April 20, recently moved to Lawrence and told 27 News that products it would be selling would include Delta-8 items.

To see the full letters in their entirety, look below:

NEWS RELEASE District Attorney Suzanne Valdez Statement on Delta-8 THC June 14 2022 by Matthew Self on Scribd

Copy of Notice to Businesses RE Delta 8 THC by Matthew Self on Scribd