KANSAS (KSNW) — The Kansas Fire Marshal has shared steps to take for a fire escape plan.

“In the event of a home fire, every second counts. It’s important to plan & practice a home fire #escapeplan with everyone in your household,” the Kansas Fire Marshal said on Facebook. “#CanYouGetOut? Are your pathways cleared? Are your #smokealarms working? Do you have a designated meeting place out front? Can you locate 2 ways out of every room?”

How fast does fire move? Very fast. You could have less than 2 minutes to get out safely once the smoke alarm sounds.

Here are seven steps to practicing your escape plan:

Step 1:
Draw a map of your home. Include all doors and windows.

Step 2:
Find two ways out of every room.

Step 3:
Make sure doors and windows are not blocked.

Step 4:
Choose an outside meeting place in front of your home.

Step 5:
Push the test button to sound the smoke alarm.

Step 6:
Practice your drill with everyone in the home.

Step 7:
Get outside to your meeting place.

For more information about fire escape planning, go to www.usfa.fema.gov and www.nfpa.org.