WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Politicians, as well a Kansas sports team and even Eric Stonestreet all had something to say about New York mayor’s comment about Kansas having no brand.

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, Mayor Eric Adams held a news conference about his recent trip to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona.

He talked about what his administration plans to do about the damage he saw during his trip.

“We’re going to show the humanitarian action of what it is to be a New Yorker,” said Adams.

He also talked about how welcomed he was because people from both countries recognized New York City.

We have a brand, and when people see it, it means something,” Adams said. “You know when we go there … Kansas doesn’t have a brand. When you go there, OK, you’re from Kansas. But New York has a brand, and that brand means diversity.”

City of Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple was one of many politicians in Kansas who had something to say about Adams’s comment.

Whipple quoted a tweet by Emma G. Fitzsimmons with, “You guys, is Mayor @EricAdamsfornyc okay? Serious question.”

He also quoted another tweet, which has since been deleted, with, “I’ll help the NYC Mayor out here … You know, Mayor to Mayor. In Kansas, we focus on economic strategies more than branding, which is likely why our unemployment rate is half that of New York. We’re not looking for taglines or hashtags, we’re working on results & opportunities.

The City of Wichita’s Twitter account also had something to say. The account quoted a tweet and said, “Ope. Sorry. We’re too busy enjoying our abundant jobs, low cost of living and lack of pollution to establish a brand. Gonna scootch on past this comment,” to which Whipple retweeted.

Whipple then quoted the same tweet that the City of Wichita did but said, “We have @NYCMayor out here telling all of us he knows nothing about college basketball, without telling us directly that he know nothing about college basketball, right here. Yikes. 😳 ⬇️”

City of Wichita District 1 Council Member Brandon Johnson also had something to say on Twitter.

Which state had a President that 81,000,000 voted against?” he tweeted alongside a gif.

Johnson also tweeted, “What state had the NCAA Men’s Basketball Champs? I don’t think “New” was a part of that answer👀”

U. S. Senator for Kansas Dr. Roger Marshall quoted a tweet from the Daily Caller and said, “Kansas has KS wheat, Jayhawk basketball, KS beef, and the Wizard of Oz. What’s New York Mayor Adams’ brand? Violence, murder, homelessness, and high taxes? I’ll take Kansas any day.”

University of Kansas men’s basketball did not even have to tweet a word to share its reaction. They simply quoted a tweet and shared a picture of their national championship banners, to which Marshall retweeted.

Kansas Attorney General Schmidt also quoted Fitzsimmons tweet but instead said, “Mayor who? Kansas isn’t New York and we sure as heck don’t want to be. I’ll stay focused here in God’s Country on making life more affordable and keeping communities safe, neither of which can be said about New York.”

Schmidt then tweeted a video and said, “A note to @NYCMayor : Kansas is not New York, and we don’t want to be.”

District 10 Representative Christina Haswood tweeted, “So Kansas just be living rent free in y’all’s heads, huh? 😏”

Actor Eric Stonestreet, from Kansas City, Kan., tweeted a video and said, “I’m from Kansas and have been to New York many times. I find beauty in both places and with the people from both places. Too bad NYC’s elected leader can’t say the same thing. #brand

Stonestreet replied to his tweet with more to say, “And to the people standing there laughing- congrats! You’re somehow less dignified than the unfunny and unnecessary comment.

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