LACROSSE, Kan. (KSNW) — The only grocery store for many miles in Rush County has been seized over unpaid taxes.

The Kansas Department of Revenue says the agency, along with the Rush County Sheriff, has seized the Rush County Grocery Store in LaCrosse, along with the assets of owners Henry J Montiel and Jennifer L Montiel. According to the Department of Revenue, the business owners have unpaid sales tax totaling $67,137.36.

The seized assets will be sold at auction to cover the delinquent taxes. The Department of Revenue says they work with delinquent taxpayers to enter repayment agreements, and it’s only after those options fail that businesses and assets are seized.

The owner of the store posted an apology to the community on the store’s Facebook page following the seizure:

I’m truly sorry everyone! Hopefully someone else can come in and reopen it for you guys. I took on more than I could handle, but learned so much at the same time. Having a small business and trying to keep everything running and all the bills paid got the best of me. So the state of Kansas has shut me down and seized all of my accounts for failure to keep up on the sales tax. But, when you take from Paul to pay Peter and then to pay to keep the equipment and store going something sooner or later has to give. Thank you all for you business and pass support, I’ll get through this one way or another. I tried! That’s the reason I put the store up for sale was to let someone else with better knowledge and better business since to come in and take over. Henry Montiel, Again I’m sorry.”

Rush County Grocery

The closure places the community and Rush County in a bind as it is the only grocery store in the area. The closest grocery store to LaCrosse is 25 miles away in Hays. The Department of Revenue says employees, customers, or others who may have property at the store they want to retrieve will need to contact the agent assigned to the case at 316-337-6130.