LYONS, Kan. (KSNW) — Multiple businesses in Lyons are closed, with no idea when they will reopen after a partial building collapse on Sunday.

A restaurant, boutique, insurance company, and others are waiting for a structural engineer to assess the damage.

County Seat Bar and Grill has served people in the building for six years.

Saturday night was busy for County Seat. Owner Amanda Byard and her employees worked until 2 a.m. and woke up to the news Sunday morning.

“Honestly, I fell to the ground and just started crying,” said Byard.

A shocking moment for her, her employees, and the community.

“A little unreal. I mean, you’re thinking, ‘Am I really seeing that,'” said Carla Gustafson, who grew up in Lyons and saw the damage on her way home Sunday.

On Monday, the businesses had the chance to go inside and grab what they could with the assistance of firefighters.

Inside the County Seat, everything is mostly ok, but dust and debris can be found throughout.

Next door at Aaron Johnson’s Shelter Insurance, the roof caved in.

Silhouette Body Sculpting is also dealing with the aftermath of the collapse.

“The collapse has impacted us emotionally just as financially. My family and I are grateful to God for his mercy and grace. No one got hurt,” said Silhouette Body Sculpting Owner Rosa Medrano.

She added they are looking for a suitable place to relocate while a safe solution is found.

Medrano said they will adapt and find ways to help their clients.

Johnson said he is working remotely, and they plan to open a remote location in a few weeks.

“It really makes you sad to see the damage to an area like this,” said Lyons City Administrator Ed Truelove.

The city said the road will be down to one lane both ways for at least two weeks until plans can be decided for either demolition or a controlled deconstruction.

As the holiday season starts, the community is stepping in to help.

“The outpouring of support and people that have come to me and asked what can I do? It’s humbling,” said Byard.

County Seat Bartender Jason Menzies said it’s going to be hard while they are closed, but he is ready to go back to work whenever they reopen.

“There is also just a lot of people that we see every day that we are not going to see anymore for who knows how long,” said Menzies.

While they wait for what’s next, the businesses are staying strong with the community of Lyons behind them.

Truelove said they plan to have a structural engineer come out in the next two days to determine what can happen with the building and if it can be saved.

He said he is talking with the city council and chamber of commerce to see how they can help the businesses affected.