MOUNDRIDGE, Kan. (KSNW) — After six months of renovations, the Moundridge Police Department has a new home right across the street from its old office.

The chief of police, Michael Sparks, said it was a necessity, but all the work done was by its officers and volunteers.

The building the officers renovated has been in the community for about 60 years. It once served as City Hall and the library and is now the Moundridge Police Department.

Moundridge Public Library (KSN Photo)

“We didn’t have any room,” said Chief Sparks.

The Moundridge Police Department once stood inside City Hall in a 400-square-foot space.

“Evidence, gun cabinets, equipment, cleaning supplies, everything,” said Chief Sparks.

All of it crammed inside.

Chief Sparks said they had been looking for a new space for about six years. About two years ago, a local church disbanded, and the City purchased the building to renovate and move the library.

The library moved in July 2022. The City then offered the old library building to the police department.

“We are not buying another facility. We are just repurposing something we already have,” said Moundridge City Administrator Murray McGee.

“We had some money to do the renovation, but we didn’t have enough to hire anybody to do it,” said Chief Sparks.

Luckily, all the officers have skills beyond the badge.

“One is used to doing drywall work, one is used to pulling cable, and so they were able to use their talents to help renovate that space,” said McGee.

From July to December 2022, they put in hours of work, both on the clock and on their own time, fixing up the building.

The officers repurposed the old lockers and bookcases, painted the walls, and added new carpet.

“We added walls for the interview room, that office, and the evidence room,” said Chief Sparks.

The community stepped up to help.

Johnson Electric donated all electrical supplies, and Grace Crossing Church helped with furniture.

Chief Sparks said they couldn’t have done it without the helping hands.

“A project like this or police work in general, it makes the job so much easier,” said Chief Sparks.

It took about $25,000 to fix the space, giving the officers a building where they have more room to work.

“Did what we had to do to get it done because it was the only way it was going to get done,” said Chief Sparks.

In February, the department plans to move the municipal court from City Hall to the new police department.

You can visit the new station at an open house on Jan. 13 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.