FINNEY COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — The Garden City Police Department (GCPD) says the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks (KDWP) has notified them that there are multiple cases of the bird flu circulating in Finney County, as well as surrounding counties.

“The avian influenza is prevalent in waterfowl and birds of prey,” the GCPD said.

The GCPD is advising that if you see a sick or dead bird or other wildlife where the cause of death is unclear, to not touch it or move it as the virus is very contagious. The GCPD is also advising not to let children or pets go near the dead animal.

The GCPD says, “Contact the Garden City Police Department — Animal Control Officers have protocol and training and will confer with KDWP personnel on all calls concerning this matter.”

The phone number for the GCPD’s Animal Control is 620-276-1300.

If it is an absolute necessity to touch or remove a dead bird, the GCPD says the KDWP recommends wearing two sets of gloves, wearing a mask and double bagging the bird before placing it in the garbage and to sanitize when done.

For general questions or concerns regarding the bird flu, call the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health Division at 785-564-6602 or 833-765-2006.