EDGEWATER, Colo. (KDVR) — Home security cameras captured the end of a bizarre crime spree in Edgewater, Colorado, where police say a naked man forced his way into two homes and physically fought with the people who live there.

Edgewater Police were called to the 2200 block of Gray St. around 4:20 p.m. on Monday.

“Our officers were like, their day was ending, it was almost like the end of shift change, and then in one fell swoop you’re chasing a naked man down an alley,” Edgewater Police Chief Eric Sonstegard said.

The incident reportedly started a few minutes earlier in front of a home on the same block.

“My wife had just walked out of the house. She was getting in her car and she noticed this man wearing nothing but a trash bag,” Andrew Speake said. “He walked up to our front door, tried to enter. I thought it was my wife so I went to answer. By that time he was walking around the fence to our backyard so I approached him, asked him what he was doing and he quickly just walked right into my house.”

Speake said that’s when it became physical. 

“I chased after him into our house, started yelling at him, pushing him out and then we started kind of wrestling on our porch here,” Speake said.

Drug use suspected in case

Speake said he suffered minor scratches and a torn T-shirt, and the gate to their fence was damaged.

“And then (he) ran over to our neighbor’s house,” he said. “They were outside doing yard work and he was able to get in their house.”

According to police, those homeowners also got into a physical fight with the suspect before he took off running down the alley, no longer wearing the trash bag. 

“He’s a large individual. He’s about 6 foot 5, about 240, 250 pounds. He had no clothes on. He was naked and he was not listening to officers’ commands,” Sonstegard said.

Stefan Heil_mugshot
Stefan Heil, 33, was arrested on charges of first-degree burglary, assault, and public decency for allegedly forcing his way into two Edgewater homes while naked. (Edgewater Police Department)

According to Sonstegard, the suspect is believed to have been high on methamphetamine.

“We were very concerned about him running in a residential neighborhood so our officers ultimately made contact with him. He was resistant. We deployed a Taser a couple of times, and it was a successful deployment and we were able to take him into custody,” Sonstegard said. 

The man was identified as 33-year-old Stefan Heil of Wheat Ridge. He was booked into the Jefferson County Jail on several charges, including burglary, assault and public indecency.