WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Ness County Attorney has ruled that a deputy was justified in shooting and killing 46-year-old Jesse L. Nichols last month.

On Friday, Sept. 1, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation presented its findings to the Ness County Attorney’s Office following the investigation into the officer-involved shooting on Aug. 8.

That’s when deputies responded to a home in Ransom where a domestic disturbance was occurring. The KBI says deputies were able to convince Nicholls to come out of the home by phone. Nicholls was carrying a handgun

The Ness County Attorney said that the sheriff tried to negotiate with Nicholls, who initially placed the gun on the ground. However, Nicholls picked up the gun and charged toward deputies before discharging a single round. A member of the Ness County Sheriff’s Office returned fire, striking Nicholls. Medical personnel and the sheriff’s office began to life-saving measures, but he died.

“After reviewing the reports from the KBI, the body worn cameras and taking into consideration the information available to the deputy at the time, it is my professional opinion the deputy was entitled under current Kansas law to use deadly force for the purposes of self-defense. First, the deputy had a sincere and honest belief that their life was in danger and that it was necessary to use deadly force to defend themself. Secondly, a reasonable person in the deputy’s circumstances could have reasonably perceived the use of deadly force was necessary. Accordingly, charges are not appropriate against the deputy regarding the death of Jesse L. Nicholls, on August 8, 2023,” announced Ness County Attorney Jacob T. Gayer.