TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Asian Jumping Worms have officially been found in Kansas. Residents may need to check their gardens because there may be some harmful invaders.

The worms are native to East Asia. Unlike the pink band of the native Eastern European Earthworm, the worms have a white band across their necks. They are also referred to as “Snake Worms” because of the way they slither.

Jumping Worm – University of Illinois

“They’re not good for our soil and they are making it really difficult for our plants to thrive. They sit in that top layer, and they leave their castings there leaving the soil dry. It’s not great for the plants,” Master Gardener at The K-State Research and Extension Office Katherine Miller said.

The castings they leave are very dry, making it hard for the top-soil seeds to germinate. Miller recommends checking any potting soil, mulch, or dirt you plan on putting in your garden for these invasive critters.

If you find one, collect it, discard it and report the sighting to the K-State Research and Extension Office so they can then alert the Department of Agriculture.