SALINA, Kan. (KSNW) — Two new K-9s are joining the Saline County Sheriff’s Office to serve in public schools.

The dogs are not the typical police dogs who assist officers in investigating crime. They are therapy dogs.

Saline County Deputies Tyler Casteel and Braden Long recently traveled to Brevard County, Florida, where they trained with their new K-9 partners at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Paws and Stripes College.

The program uses rescued dogs trained by inmates under the supervision of professional trainers to provide therapy dogs at no cost. Therapy dogs can provide a variety of assistance, including helping to keep people calm during a crisis and easing fear and anxiety for children and adults testifying in court or being interviewed.

Casteel and his new partner Jax, an Alaskan Malamute mix, have been assigned to Ell-Saline Schools. Long and his partner Piper, a Basenji and Border Collie mix, will serve the Southeast of Saline district.

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