WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Residents in Reno County will soon have a way to get to grocery stores and other shopping.

A news release from Reno County says the Reno County Area Transit announced a new Shopping Route that begins Tuesday, Sept. 5. The route is available to designated housing facilities, allowing transportation specifically for grocery and other shopping. 

The release says the bus used for this route is larger than other vehicles and has more room for bags. Those using the route will also have more time to get their purchases on and off the bus.

The route will stop at the following housing facilities on weekdays:

  • Good Samaritan
  • Hutchinson Lofts
  • Legend of Hutchinson
  • Lighthouse
  • LINK
  • Mennonite Manor
  • Mission Place
  • Riverview
  • South Hutchinson Hi Rise
  • Washington Heights
  • Wesley Towers 
  • Wiley Plaza

Reno County says pickup times will rotate each day to allow people to shop at different times of the day. People must bring their shopping on and off the bus without assistance from the driver.

The release says the shopping route is different from Rcat’s regular wave and ride routes. It will only stop at housing facilities and stores and will NOT pick up other passengers along the route.