LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KSNW) — Ava Jones, a Nickerson High School basketball star, and her family were injured after a driver hit them in Louisville, Kentucky, on Tuesday night.

The Jones family was in Louisville for a basketball tournament. On Tuesday night, they decided to go for a walk. That’s when a car driven by an alleged impaired driver hit the family, sending all four to the hospital.

Louisville media outlets report the four were hit at W. Market and S. 2nd St.

The Hutchinson Post says that her parents, Amy and Trey, are in critical condition, Ava is in serious condition, and the other family member was treated and released.

“Everything is very uncertain right now with Amy, and I know that the community is small, and they have a very large group of friends and teachers and coaches and family. And right now, they just need, they need prayers,” said Shauna Ohman, a close family friend to the Jones.

Jones had just committed to play at the University of Iowa on Sunday. KSN News featured her on a Competitive Drive segment earlier this year.

Courtesy: Shauna Ohman

“She’s got some broken bones in her leg and arm and some chipped vertebrae, but they expect a full recovery,” Ohman said.

Ohman said the Jones family is well-known and loved in the Nickerson community.

“They would give their shirts off their backs to someone, and they are just people that show up, and I would just say when they do get home, you know that family is really going to need everyone in the community to show up because it’s going to sting and it’s painful,” she said.

“To know that it affected so many people at one time…it’s, it’s unspeakable,” said Nickerson Mayor Peggy Ruebke.

Ruebke says for much of her small-town community, the event that sent the Jones family to the hospital still doesn’t feel real.

“For a lot of people, they all just want it to not be true; I guess that’s the biggest thing,” said Ruebke.

Ruebke says several members of the Nickerson community are stepping up to lend a helping hand.

“We’ve had some churches say they’re going to do some, some praying together, um, I’ve had some kids say they would go and mow their yards for them already, I mean, we just want to have them know when they come home, we’ll be here,” said Ruebke.

Authorities tell Louisville media that 33-year-old Michael Steele Empson Hurley of Lexington, Indiana, is accused of hitting the family. According to WAVE-TV, he faced a judge and was charged with four counts of assault, along with misdemeanor charges for operating a motor vehicle under the influence and not having a driver’s license in his possession.

If you would like to support the Jones family, you can contact Nickerson’s City Hall or USD 309.

A GoFundMe has raised more than $20k in less than 24 hours.