GREAT BEND, Kan. (KSNW) – A Great Bend man in recovery is using his company, Paint Rehab, to give his employees a new outlook on life.

“It’s kind of a double entendre. We are not only rehabilitating the paint job, but we are rehabilitating ourselves through painting,” Colin Miller, Paint Rehab owner, said.

In addition to running the business, Miller is also a proud member of the sober community.

“It’s been a hard journey but one that is a lot easier when you surround yourself with recovery,” Miller said.

He started the business after seeing his Oxford House housemates struggle to find good-paying jobs.

“I was like, I think I can start a paint company and pay them better,” said Miller.

Brianna Lamb is a new Paint Rehab employee

“This company has helped more than one person, especially me,” Lamb said.

She’s chipping away at old buildings and making way for a new canvas in her personal life. Lamb met Colin Miller at a 12-step meeting.

“He always wears his Paint Rehab uniform, so I was like, ok, this is something interesting, and he asked if I would come to join his crew,” said Lamb.

She says with this job, she can be authentic and transparent.

“They know my story, and I don’t have to hide anything,” said Lamb.

She’s kept her recovery a secret in the past.

“Once employers hear that I’m a recovering addict, then they see that I have felonies too, they automatically think that I am going to go back out and relapse again,” Lamb added.

Lamb, her fellow co-workers, and Miller lean on each other.

“It’s essentially surrounding our entire lives with recovery,” Miller said. “Work is kind of a drag for a lot of people, but for us, we enjoy coming to work, and it’s all recovery-focused.”

They’re working, laughing, and recovering together.

The recovery at Paint Rehab keeps growing. Miller now has six full-time employees, all in recovery. He is working on building a shop that will also serve as a 12-step meeting hall.

To help Paint Rehab build a recovery hall, click here.

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