DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — A scam Facebook post that has made the rounds across the country has been circulated in Dodge City.

Courtesy: Dodge City Police Department

In each case, the child’s photo is posted to a local Facebook group page with the text, “Found this girl wandering behind our apartment today. I can not find her parents, and my neighbors have no idea how she got here; please assist me in locating her parents.”

Dodge City police say the post is false. No one has reported a missing or found child in the community. They say the photo that was posted to the local Facebook group belongs to someone claiming to live in Zimbabwe.

Our sister television station News 10 in Albany reported on the same scam in August. The scam has been reported across the country, sometimes with a different child’s photo. It’s believed the scammer is trying to get anything they can, either well-intended donations or even just personal information from anyone who reaches out about the child wishing to help.

If you see a similar post in a local Facebook group in your community, you can report it to your local law enforcement. Dodge City police say anyone who has information on an actual found child in their community can call Ford County Communications at 620-227-4646.