RUSSELL, Kan. (KSNW) – On Tuesday, when it was hot outside, Russell High School students and staff bared the heat all while trying to get through the school day.

“I’m just like, not trying to smell like a pig all day. For one, it’s just terrible,” said Russell High School Senior Jaelynne Seirer.

It was so hot on Tuesday an anonymous donor brought the students and staff ice cream, and another donor brought in water.

Seirer and Sophmore Taylor Birney created a video for one of their classes to show just how uncomfortable it can get on hot days like Tuesday.

“You just try to make do to get through the day,” said Russell High School Principal Dallas Woolf.

Tuesday was a state count day, so students could not be let out early for a heat day.

“We try to move classes around to find air conditioning spots in the building, but sometimes that is hard to do. The hallways are hot, the gym is hot,” said Woolf.

The district starts the school year later than other districts due to the AC issue.

“Does that not prove that this is like a really big issue that we are having to cut our day short? Because it just like cuts into our learning time, it cuts into our focus. For one, if I take the ACT in that, I just don’t think that would be a good outcome,” said Seirer.

After two failed bond issues, the school board is planning on looking at funding to fix this problem, but it may take a while.

“With the supply line issues and everything that is going on there, if we made a decision today to air condition this building, it would probably be at least a year before everything is installed and up and running,” said Russell USD 407 Interim Superintendent Clark Coco.

Students hope to see central air or window units within the next few years.

The school board will look at plans next month to find the best option for the high school.