SALINA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Salina City Commission has approved a pay increase for City Manager Michael Schrage.

The commission entered into an executive session Friday morning to discuss his work performance and compensation. They eventually unanimously voted to approve a 3% merit increase of annual base salary to $188,755.30, a 3% cost of living increase to $194,438.56, and to raise their contribution to his retirement from 5% to 6%.

There was a member of the public who expressed his opposition to the council entering into an executive session at 8 a.m. without providing the public with ample notice. They also were upset that the citizens of Salina were not given a chance to take part in the process.

However, Mayor Dr. Terry Davis noted that the council was supposed to meet on the matter in December but was unable to do so, which was why they held the last-minute meeting. He also noted that because the city manager is an employee, it is a personnel matter, which makes his performance evaluations and compensation private as other city employees.