SUMNER COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office says that Casey’s gas pumps in Oxford were compromised with a suspected skimmer.

The Oxford police chief tells KSN the skimmer was placed inside the pump. He says there was damage to the pump itself and thinks the door was forced open.

“Please be cautious when paying at the pump with your debit card/credit card.

“If you see the security seal has been broken or the lock on the pump has been tampered with, we suggest you do not pay at the pump, go inside and pay or just find another gas station.”

Sumner County Sheriff’s Office

If you were a victim in Oxford, please get in touch with the Oxford Police Department to make a police report.

If you think your card could have been skimmed, check your bill or account regularly for fraudulent charges.

If you find anything unknown or unusual, contact your credit card issuer immediately to alert them of the theft and to cancel your card.