WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The City of Sedan in southeast Kansas is in a stage 3 water emergency.

The emegency is in effect for any entity that purchases water from #20, which includes the following:

  • CQ County RWD #1
  • CQ County RWD #2
  • CQ County RWD #3
  • CQ County RWD #4
  • City of Cedar Vale
  • City of Peru
  • City of Chautauqua
  • City of Moline
  • City of Grenola
  • Elk County RWD #1
  • MG County Cons #1

Sedan says drought conditions prompted the emergency. The lake level is seven feet below normal level.

Following conditions that prompted stage 3:

  1. Storage has fallen below 50% capacity.
  2. Treatment plant operations are at 90% capacity or more for three consecutive days.
  3. Lake or reservoir elevation is seven feet below the normal seasonal level.
  4. Demand for one day is in excess of .700 million gallons/day.
  5. Emergency conditions related to repairs or water quality.

During a stage 3 emergency, outdoor water is banned, and water waste will be prohibited.

The goal of stage 3 is to reduce the overall weekly water consumption by 25% and reduce peak demands by 50%.

Click here for a link on tips to save water.