KANSAS CITY, Kan. (WDAF) — A Sporting Kansas City fan is calling on her “second family” as she searches for a lost family heirloom.

The Harrisonville, Missouri, woman thinks her grandmother’s necklace fell off while she was at Saturday’s game.

The pendant was passed down through three generations. The woman tells FOX4 it belonged to her late grandmother.

Shameless Hoskin-Grove wore the pendant every day. Even to Sporting KC matches.

“I can drive out to the cemetery and see my grandma anytime I want,” she said. “But that necklace holds her with me everywhere I go.”

Hoskin-Grove is a drummer and holds season tickets in The Cauldron. She thinks it could’ve fallen off while drumming at Saturday’s game or while celebrating the 4-1 victory in the club’s Brew House.

“It’s like a beat against my heart, and I tried to remember the last time I felt it, and I couldn’t,” she said.

Hoskin-Grove says a piece of her heart is now missing. It’s a silver pendant with a turquoise center and two arrows that point down.

“We were estranged for a long time, and so when we were brought back together, that necklace signified that,” she said.

Hoskin-Grove’s grandfather gave it to her grandmother, and it was passed down to her after her grandma died in 2020.

“It felt like it was the part of my grandmother that I was still able to hold onto, and my grandmother held our family together,” she said.

After the game, Hoskin-Grove realized it was lost and about came unglued.

“It’s like my guts just fell out,” she said.

Hoskin-Grove’s called the stadium security every day since but no sign of the necklace.

She said she doesn’t have the money to offer a cash reward, but she can make beautiful rugs and is offering one to the person who brings the pendant home.

“I’m not going to be upset if anybody picked it up off the ground and thought, ‘This is a really cool thing, I’d like to keep it’ or took it to pawn it or something,” Hoskin-Grove said. “I’ll buy it back. I’ll do anything to get it back. It does mean that much. It does.”

Sporting KC staff said nothing matching the pendant has turned up yet.

Staff do plan to do a deep dive this week around the stadium.