WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Place your bets. Sports gambling has a shot at passing this week.

“It should pass in the Senate,” said Rep. Stephanie Clayton, D-District 19. “It’s pretty tight.”

Clayton lives in the Kansas City area, where she says casinos and other sports venues could bring in a lot of revenue from sports gambling being legalized inside the State of Kansas. She says the key is the Kansas Senate.

“If there are more than 21 votes in the Senate, it would go to the governor,” said Clayton.

Wichita Representative Tom Sawyer says if the measure passes, the money the state would make on betting would not have to go to the general fund.

“Oh, yeah. The budget’s in very strong shape. We were already in pretty strong shape,” said Sawyer. “But then the consensus estimating group met last week and upped the revenue estimates another $760 million over the next two years.”

That could mean up to $10 million in revenue to go straight to a fund that would try to lure a professional sports team, like the Royals or Chiefs, into Kansas.

“I’m also the ranking minority member on the commerce committee, so I’m very familiar with economic development incentives and how they work,” said Clayton. “I have not spoken with anyone with the Chiefs personally and highly doubt that I am that high up to do that. But I’m going to assume that they wouldn’t hate it.”

The sports gambling would be inside venues like Kansas Casinos. There would also be apps available for download so you could bet on your phone.

The apps would use Geofencing and place detection, so they could only be used inside the borders of Kansas.

“We will have to see how all this plays out,” said Sawyer. “I think that will pass before we’re done.”

Sports gambling is just one issue still to be voted on this session. If it’s not up for a vote this week, some lawmakers say it will definitely come up again on a second wrap session in a couple of weeks.