SHAWNEE, Kan. (WDAF) — One Johnson County homeowner said the noise she detected on Tuesday night scared her.

To her surprise, the racket came from a young deer that had fallen into a deep window well at her home. A video clip from the Shawnee Fire Department shows the deer, which was likely scared, crying loudly.

I wouldn’t want to fall down there. I’m surprised it didn’t break a leg,” Diane Meyers, who owns that home in Shawnee, told WDAF-TV.

Meyers said she fears the deer had been there all day long. Neighbors told her they’d spotted a mother deer roaming near the house. Meyers said she thought the noise was coming from something electronic.

Firefighters believe the deer fell about 7 feet into that hole.

“I wanted to get it out immediately because if it didn’t have food or water, I didn’t want it to wait overnight for me to find a rescue organization to come get it,” Meyers said.

Her call for help was answered by four Shawnee firefighters, including Master Firefighter Justin Verbenec, who admits the crew wasn’t certain how to rescue the deer from that deep hole. Video shows firefighters lowering a ladder into the window well and rescuing the little deer with a moving blanket.

“We just went off things we’d seen on TV. We saw Steve Irwin used to throw blankets on alligators and crocodiles all the time. We thought we’d give that a whirl,” Verbenec said.

Meyers said she sees deer in that neighborhood all the time. Wildlife experts believe the foliage on green trees and plants brings them out into the open. 

Verbenec said the deer ran away as soon as it was out of the hole, seemingly unharmed by the fall.

Meyers said she plans to put up shrubberies around the window well — to keep anything else from falling in there again.